Our Brands

Mahou India has proudly launched its 3 flagship brands in 2015.

Crafted to the Highest Standards

A premium quality beer, crafted with the
same passion, consistent with Mahou’s rich tradition
and the attitude of ‘Dare to Win’.

The International Quality Beer in the
Finest Mahou Tradition

Created to satisfy the most demanding palate, Mahou 5 Star is made with the highest quality varieties of hops and yeast, which shapes its body and flavour.

The International Quality Beer with the
Classic Mahou Taste

Mahou Clásica maintains the original recipe, taste, quality and dedication given to its production since 1890.

The International Quality Beer with the
Dare Devil Royal Export

A premium quality and luxurious beer crafted wih prolific passion. This rich golden liquid, Dare Devil Royal Export is truly the spirit of Royal Rajasthan, captured in a bottle.