A Beer is as good as
the Ingredients that go in it

  • Malt

    Malt provides beer with its essential nutrients that configure its body, foam and colour.

  • Hop

    This flower is the soul of the beer. It provides bitterness and impacts its aroma and freshness.

  • Water

    Water gives the beer its identity and quality. Water must be pure and have an optimal composition.

  • Yeast

    Yeast ferments wort sugars into alcohol and gives beer its distinct aroma.

We Brew our Beers in the Traditional way
with state-of-the-art Technology

The Perfect pour for a Five Star Taste

  • The top 100 beers in the world
    are all above 5% alcohol content (Source: Beer Advocate)
  • Beer and bread
    contain the same
    family of yeast!
  • Cenosillicaphobia’ is the fear
    of an empty beer glass!
  • A dark bottle protects your
    beer from harmful sunlight!
  • In the Middle Ages in Europe,
    drinking beer was the safest way
    to drink water!
  • The rings left in your glass after
    drinking a beer are related to the
    quality of the pour!
  • The strongest beer in the world
    has a 67.5% alcohol content!
  • The oldest known recipe for beer
    is over 4000 years old, made by Sumerians!
  • We select a single yeast
    to make our beer!